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28 OKT
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Engaging Vitality - Intermediate level class: Mid-space and Ignition

za 28 oktober 2023 en zo 29 oktober 2023
Berghotel, Utrechtseweg 225, 3818 EG Amersfoort
11:00-18:00 uur
Felix de Haas
€ 350,00
FAGT, LVNT, NVA (AT), NVST, NWP, VBAG, Zhong (12 NAP - Cat. 1)
Basic Engaging Vitality training (Modules 1-2-3)


Midspace and Ignition : Opening up the most Vital Axis in the body and facilitating the Self Healing Mechanism in the body. (Engaging Vitality Intermediate Class)

In this seminar we will talk about two important aspects : mid-space and ignition.
This is a practice oriented workshop focussed on some of the most vital aspects of Engaging Vitality.
The mid-space or midline is a concept which has always played an important role in East Asian Medicine , Internal Cultivation as well as in Osteopathy.
The Midspace can be seen as the most vital axis in the body, a healthy functioning Midspace is crucial for health. Opening up the midspace can trigger a great response of the self healing mechanism in the whole body.
In East Asian Medicine and Inner Cultivation traditions we find many references to the Mid-space. It is narrowly connected with the ideas about the Extraordinary Vessels which have developed over the last 2000 years. From East Asian Medical and Inner Cultivation perspectives the Du, Ren and Chong Mai are all expressions of the Mid-space. In some Inner cultivation texts we can find also the mentioning of an even more central aspect, the Huang Dao, the Yellow Pathway or Central Vessel. This correlates also with understanding of the Central Vessel as it is seen in the Tantric traditions. Also, from Osteopathic and Cranial-Sacral perspectives the Mid-space is a very important concept and closely related to the Embryonic development.
We can see the Mid-space as the core of our system, or as the central axis, on which our whole system organizes itself around. In the clinical setting, the free flow in and openness of the Mid-space is essential. If we are able to palpate the mid-space , are able to feel healthy or pathological manifestations and are able to open up the midspace , we can greatly improve the whole self-reorganizing ability of the system.
Another aspect of the Mid-space is the concept that the Central Channel along with the Chong, Ren and Du Mai are all transmitters of the Yuan Qi 元氣 (Primal Qi), another pointer to the vital importance of this axis.
We have to realize that the Mid-space is narrowly related with all the other channels, be it Extraordinary Vessels, Primal Channels, Divergent channels, Collaterals as well as the Viscera .
Also it is narrowly related to different aspects of Qi, Blood and Fluids.


Ignition is a palpable process in which we perceive comprehensive transformations related to the influence of the Yuan Qi 元氣 (Primal Qi) on the body. These transformations express themselves as improved coherence, communication, connections and organization.

Ignition could be viewed as a kind of super De Qi 得氣 , a situation in which the whole system makes a major shift towards a therapeutic change. If it happens it is a pretty reliable measure that some significant and lasting shift in momentum of the health of the patient took place.

This is not something which can be forced and not necessarily happens in every treatment. But we can facilitate this process and once so often it can happen in a clinical setting. For being able to facilitate this process the practitioner needs to rest in the SSIO (Setting , Suppling, Integrating and Opening) to the best of their capacity. By recognizing the Shi 勢 (propensity) and Ji 機 (Qi dynamic) the practitioner could estimate if he or she has an opportunity to facilitate the Ignition. It deserves a certain amount of Yi 意(Attention/Awareness) of the practitioner.

Ignition is also closely related to the Mid-space and its dynamics. So a basic understanding of the Mid-space and the ability to palpate the Mid-space is crucial here at this stage.
This workshop has grown out many years of practice and experience of Charles (Chip) Chace who studied this material thoroughly and developed it in conjunction with other aspects of Engaging Vitality. At the moment this material will be presented by Felix de Haas, a close student of Chip and because of his own background, is very familiar with this material.

In this seminar you will learn:

  • How the Mid-space is perceived from TEAM and Inner Cultivation traditions.
  • How we can palpate the Mid-space, how we can palpate healthy and pathological manifestations.
  • How we can improve the free flow in and openness of the Mid-space.
  • How the opening of the Mid-space can facilitate the self-reorganizing ability of the body.
  • How to facilitate the process of Ignition

Set up of the workshop:

  • Saturday morning : Introduction to the main concepts of the Mid-space and its history in Traditional East Asian Medicine and Inner Cultivation.
  • Saturday midday : Learning to palpate the Mid-space/ learning to feel different healthy and pathological manifestations of the Midspace
  • Sunday Morning : Introduction into the concept of Ignition and learning to facilitate Ignition
  • Sunday Midday: Integration of this material in the wider context of Engaging Vitality and TEAM.
This seminar is a complementary intermediate class to: Ba Mai and the Fluid Body: Explorations in the morphology and inherent movement palpation.
Intermediate class on Mid space and Ignition will be given by Felix de Haas assisted by Rayen Anton (Rayen will assist if there are enough subscribers )

About the teacher

Felix de Haas is transmitter of the Engaging Vitality approach to acupuncture. He studies and practices East Asian medicine for more than 35 years . His own journey has been through different aspects of East Asian Medicine with a strong focus on the classics and the surrounding body of East Asian philosophical literature and history. He has studied and practiced over a long time different approaches to acupuncture and herbal medicine. The last decade he has specialized in the Engaging Vitality approach, but ultimately in the practice it is always an eclectic and individual approach. Felix tries to integrate all the styles he learned, into his own style, and developing an individual style, is also what he tries to convey to his students as well.
Next to his long time experience with East Asian Medicine, he also has studied and practiced different forms of Inner Cultivation over a similar course of time. This makes him able to transmit this specific material even more effectively. Felix has studied with several outstanding masters including Francois Ramakers, Bob Flaws, Stephen Birch, Yanagista Sensei, Takai Sensei, Dan Bensky , Charles Chace and Volker Scheid. He has two clinics in the Netherlands and transmits the basic module program of Engaging Vitality as well as the intermediate modules on the Mid-space and Ignition. He also teaches postgraduate courses about the philosophical and historical aspects of Traditional East Asian Medicine. He is also co-author of the upcoming book on Engaging Vitality together with Dan Bensky, Charles Chace and Rayen Anton.