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Spiritual anatomy of the meridiansystem - Module 6 Qi Jing Ba Mai

start za 1 mei 2021 - studiedagen: 4
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12:00-18:00 uur
Josef Müller
€ 490,00
FAGT, LVNT, NVA (AT), NVST, NWP, VBAG, Zhong (24 NAP - Cat. 1)


Module 6 - Qi Jing Ba Mai
Extraordinary Vessels

An indepth exploration of all points on each meridian in 6 weekends

Studying the spiritual inner landscape -as given for example by the Nei Jing Tu- an universal order emerges: as above so below. The 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac in heaven above and the 12 great rivers of China on earth below are mirrored in the human body in the 12 meridians called heavenly streams. These streams are the hyphens of psycho-somatics, connecting spirit/user with the hardware/body-Jing via the meridian software.
The language of nature provided by the point names is familiar to us and our patients, it does not alienate us from our internal perception by abstracting reality into medical terms. Using points by their name allows access to heavenly potentials, instead of getting attached to the problem. In this way new possibilities can be transmitted via the meridians into the body- we solve the problem according to Einstein on a higher level.
Point by point exploration of each meridian reveals the full spectrum of the meridian system on functional /Jing, energetic/QI and mental-emotional/Shen levels, when connected with the particular task of a meridian/official as given in SuWen ch. 8.
Included is a systematic approach of all 5 Meridian systems: Jing and Luo, Jing Jin, Jing Bie, and Qi Jing Ba Mai (Main and Luo vessels, TMM, deep pathways and extraordinary vessels). This allows to evoke the full potential of the whole meridian system, it might be called 'an acupuncturist’s acupuncture'.
'Someone who says that chronic diseases cannot be cured by needles ..... has not mastered the method of acupuncture.' (Ling Shu ch.1)

Extra information

Spiritual anatomy of the meridiansystem - An indepth exploration of all points on each meridian in 6 weekends - module 6 Qi Jing Ba Mai is part of a series of lectures which can be followed separately from each other.

Weekend 1: Module 1 - Bladder and Kidney meridians (water element)
Weekend 2: Module 2 - Gallbladder and Liver meridians (wood element)
Weekend 3: Module 3 - Lung and Large Intestine meridians (metal element)
Weekend 4: Module 4 - Stomach and Spleen meridians (earth element)
Weekend 5: Module 5 - Small Intestine and Heart meridians (fire element)
Weekend 6: Module 6 - Qi Jing Ba Mai (extraordinary meridians)