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22 JUN
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Kiiko Matsumoto: Auto-immune problems and Allergies

za 22 juni 2019 en zo 23 juni 2019
Berghotel, Utrechtseweg 225, 3818 EG Amersfoort
12:00-18:00 uur
Kiiko Matsumoto
€ 285,00
FAGT, NVA (AT), NVST, NWP, VBAG, VNT, Zhong (Cat. 1)
TCM therapeut


Auto-immune problems and Allergies

For whom is this workshop?

Certified acupuncturists, tuina therapists and shiatsu therapists that want to work in a palpation-based way. Some background in Kiiko Matsumoto’s Style of acupuncture is recommended, but not mandatory.

What about the subject, auto-immune problems and allergies?

Many patients present in the clinic with allergies or auto-immune problems. The treatment of which can be complicated, due to a long history, complications with medications, surgical procedures, etc. And what if the patient doesn’t respond well to the treatment? How much root and how much branch treatment should you use? How to determine if the patient is progressing? Kiiko Matsumoto’s palpation-based approach helps many people with addressing these questions, regardless of the style of acupuncture that you use.
Kiiko Matsumoto’s approach, as always, is to treat the patients that are presented to her. She doesn’t use fixed protocols, but approaches each patient individually, to achieve maximum results. Each patient is different. Thus is the power and beauty of the work of a master acupuncturist.

What will you be able to do after this workshop?

Kiiko is extraordinary practical in her teaching: she demonstrates on real, live patients what she does in her own clinic in Boston. This is not a theoretical workshop, the focus is on demonstrating real clinical practice. Like many Japanese teachers, Kiiko demands full attention from her students, to follow what she is doing. The reward, however, is that you will go home with treatments that you can apply in your own clinic, and verify that they work.

Why this workshop?

Kiiko’s work is getting more and more attention in Europe. In 2019 she will teach in Germany, Switzerland, Greece and the Netherlands. We are happy to be part of this growing interest in palpation-based acupuncture, which can be seen as an evidence-based approach to acupuncture. Students that are specialising in Kiiko Matsumoto’s style will want to attend as many seminars as they can to deepen their knowledge. Students that use Kiiko Matsumoto’s approach to strengthen their own approach, are inspired by Kiiko’s practicality, and challenged to get the same results using other methods.

Can you give me some examples of how Kiiko Matsumoto teaches?

A few short clips of past workshops are available on Youtube:
Click here for clip

So is this a course in 'Japanese acupuncture'?

Yes and no. Kiiko Matsumoto studied and graduated in Japan, and her main influences are from Japanese teachers. However, she has an extraordinary knowledge of the classics, and has the ability to demonstrate her interpretation of Su Wen, Ling Shu and Nan Jing directly on the patient.

Who is the teacher?

Presenter Kiiko Matsumoto is considered by many a 'living Master of Acupuncture'. A world-renowned teacher and author, she has integrated the works of important Japanese acupuncture masters such as Master Nagano, Master Kawai and Dr. Manaka into a coherent and clinically powerful system. Kiiko Matsumoto presents at seminars worldwide and runs a private practice in Newton Highlands, MA.