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Chi Nei Tsang II, verdieping

zo 1 september 2019
Gebouw Tussenschakel, Parklaan 3 t/m 13, 5261 LR Vught
10:00-17:00 uur
Karin Sörvik
€ 125,00
FAGT, NVST, NWP, VBAG, VNT, Zhong (Cat. 1)
TCM therapeut met afgeronde CNT 2 (3 dgn)


Chi Nei Tsang II - verdieping

Voor wie is deze bijscholing

Voor eenieder die zijn Chi Nei Tsang technieken wil verdiepen en Chi Nei Tsang II ( 3 dagen) heeft afgerond.

Opzet van de bijscholing

Chi Nei Tsang II, Winden Jagen, is een toegepaste, gespecialiseerde Shiatsu techniek waarbij wordt gewerkt met een netwerk van acupuntuurpunten die zich in een twaalftal patronen als Winden door het lichaam bewegen.

Chi Nei Tsang II Deepening is riding de pulse on the navel as we open the wind gates, the winds of change. Connecting with the eight spirit helpers, the trigrams of the I Ching. Understanding the quality of the eight directions as we balance them to the center the hub of the wheel. Back to source, back to oneness with the Dao.

As a warming up we taste from Buddha Palm, a Chi Kung form, It activates the comic energy. It’s a powerfool tool to direct energy and ground your client and deepen your touch.

There will be a presentation, demonstration and exchange to practice time.

De Docent

Karin Sörvik
Is a Taoist Minister and Senior instructor and Senior Chi Nei Tsang with the Healing Tao System. Her first career was in dance, theatre and music, earning her degree in acting from the Escuela Nacional de Arte Dramatico. Most of all she loved the magic/spiritual space that's created during a performance. To further her search she began to look into Eastern methods. She studied Tai chi and I Chuan with Master Tung Kuo Tzao in Argentina and became a Taoist Minister with D.A.R.I. She also won several Tai Chi Chuan competitions in South America. She moved to the US in 2001 to serve the Taoist community and to further her practice. She studied with several Taoist Masters: Ron Diana, B.P. Chang, Dr. Sthephen Chang and Mantak Chia.
Karin Sörvik is currently the Director of the Healing Tao Center, Tao Healing and founder of the non profit The Healing Tao Society. She is a practitioner and counselor in Taoist Healing Practices. Practices include: Tao Yin (Taoist Yoga), Nutrition, Herbology, Meditation, Tai Chi, I Chuan, Chi Nei Tsang and Chi Kung Therapy. She has been teaching for the last 15 years in Europe, Latin America and the US.