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11 NOV
2023 & ...

CCM Pulse-Tongue Diagnosis - Ling Shu Jing Wu Xing Acupuncture for Zang-Fu Diseases

za 11 november 2023 en zo 12 november 2023
za 11 november 2023 en zo 12 november 2023
12:00-18:00 uur
Jie Li
€ 260,00
FAGT, LVNT, NVA (AT), NVST, NWP, VBAG, Zhong (12 NAP - Cat. 1)
TCM therapeut


“CCM (Classical Chinese Medicine) Pulse-Tongue Diagnosis
- Ling Shu Jing Wu Xing Acupuncture for Zang-Fu Diseases
Part 1 (Introduction and demonstration).”

Last decades, there has been mainly a focus on pain treatments by acupuncture in western TCM education. In TCM practices, most practitioners have experienced that most of their patients are suffering ‘non-pain’ related modern complex and chronical Zang Fu diseases. However, such as analyzing the mechanisms of these diseases, making a sharp diagnosis, choosing the right acupuncture points, perform good needling techniques and evaluate the clinical effects have always been a shortcoming in limited basic TCM educations. Therefore, learning CCM pulse and tongue diagnosis become important challenges and issues.
In Huang Di Nei Jing, it states very clear: ‘A high level acupuncturist knows that meridians and acupuncture points are not anatomic, they are where the universe Shen and Qi enters and exits; ‘One who is going to do acupuncture, must feel pulses at first…’ (see Chapter One, Ling Shu Jing)
Five Shu (Wu Xing) acupuncture points combine with yuan source, luo, sea he, front mu, back shu points etc., their natures and meridian mechanisms coordinate pulse analysis are secret inner lines for making a good acupuncture formula and effective treatment.
In this lecture, Dr. Li Jie will guide you into the depth of CCM texts. The original texts of Huang Di Nei Jing, Nan Jing, Shang Han Za Bing Lun etc. that relate to the topic will be explained in detail. The clinical practices related issues will be demonstrated.
The following issues will be involved in this lecture:
  • I. Introduce 10 classical pulses and tongue diagnosis system (5 yin and 5 yang pulses and five zang tongue images) from Huang Di Nei Jing, Nan Jing and Shang Han Lun, that will be strongly related to the basic Yin Yang and Wu Xing theories. Practices of this system will be clearly explained.
  • II. The mechanisms of pulses and tongue pictures and related pathology will be theoretically and practically explained.
  • III. How to practice these CCM pulse and tongue diagnosis systems will demonstrated and practice with you during the lecture.
  • IV. Five Zang pathology and their related pulse and tongue, particularly pulses according to Yin Yang and Wu Xing will be explained and practically introduced.
  • V. How to make a good acupuncture point combination with Five Shu acupuncture points and their interacted front mu, back shu, yuan, luo, sea he and 8 meeting points etc. according to pulses and mechanisms and natures of acupuncture points to treat Zang Fu complex modern diseases will be introduced theoretically and practically.
  • VI. How to evaluate the effect of acupuncture point combinations and clinical treatment by CCM pulse changes during treatment will be explained and practically demonstrated.
  • VII. Different Needling techniques on Five Shu acupuncture points for treatment of Zang Fu diseases according to Wu Xing will be introduced.

About the teacher

Dr. Li Jie has been engaged in physiology researches in early time of his PhD. work in Radboud University Nijmegen. He is one of the founders of Academy Qing-Bai and from 1992 used to teach in Qing-Bai for many years. Dr. Li Jie has been a yearly speaker at the TCM Kongress in Rothenburg and lectured at Shandong- and Beijing TCM universities in China.
For 9 years he wrote CCM-columns for the magazine of the NVA association, “Huang-Ti”, in which he addressed and answered difficult questions in Chinese Medicine.
Last decade, he has been lecturing Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) and teaching his CCM Master Classes in more than 10 European countries and treated many modern complex diseases in his clinical work for over 30 years. He deeply studied many CCM classics, among others Huang Di Nei Jing, Shang Han Za Bing Lun, Jin Gui Yao Lue, Nan-Jing and Fu Xing Yue. He will share- and connect the essences of these important timeless CCM works to benefit the effectiveness of your treatments in clinical practice.