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17 OKT
2020 & ...

Engaging Vitality - Revision Class

za 17 oktober 2020 en zo 18 oktober 2020
Berghotel, Utrechtseweg 225, 3818 EG Amersfoort
11:00-18:00 uur
Rayen Anton, Felix de Haas, Bart Wintjes
€ 350,00
FAGT, LVNT, NVA (AT), NVST, NWP, VBAG, Zhong (12 NAP - Cat. 1)
Basic Engaging Vitality training (Modules 1-2-3)


Revision Class

In this revision class we will cover all the main material we have taught in the Basic Modules. The goal is to deepen your understanding of the material, to have feedback in practice and how to integrate this material in your daily clinical practice.
We will cover the following topics:
  • Shape of the Qi
  • Yang Rhythm
  • Manual Thermal diagnose
  • Local Listening
  • Global Listening
  • Channel listening (2 different forms)
  • Yin Rhythm
  • Fluids
  • Extra Ordinary Vessels
In this weekend we will cover all these subjects and depending on the needs of the students we will zoom in on the different aspects of these techniques. There will be a lot of room for practice and feedback from the teachers and assistants.
Also we will go deeper in the integration of all this material in the clinical practice. Many students seem to have a growing experience with the techniques but struggle still with the integration, so this aspect will have full attention.

About the teachers

This class will be given by Felix de Haas, Bart Wintjes and Rayen Anton.
Felix de Haas is transmitter of the Engaging Vitality approach to acupuncture. He studies and practices East Asian Medicine for more than 30 years . His own journey has been through different aspects of East Asian Medicine with a strong focus on the classics and the surrounding body of East Asian philosophical literature and history.
He has studied and practiced over a long time different approaches to acupuncture and herbal medicine. The last decade he has specialized in the Engaging Vitality approach, but ultimately in the practice it is always an eclectic and individual approach. Felix tries to integrate all the styles he learned, into his own style, and that is what he tries to convey to his students as well.

Next to his long time experience with East Asian Medicine, he also has studied and practiced different forms of Inner Cultivation over a similar course of time. This makes him able to transmit this specific material even more effectively.

Felix has studied with several outstanding masters including Francois Ramakers, Bob Flaws, Stephen Birch, Yanagista Sensei, Takai Sensei, Dan Bensky , Charles Chace and Volker Scheid. He has two clinics in the Netherlands and transmits the basic module program of Engaging Vitality as well as the intermediate modules on the Mid-space and Ignition. He also teaches postgraduate courses about the philosophical and historical aspects of Traditional East Asian Medicine. He is also co-author of the upcoming book on Engaging Vitality together with Dan Bensky, Charles Chace and Rayen Anton.
Bart Wintjes is an acupuncturist with more then 25 years of clinical experience. 30 years ago he started as a physiotherapist and manual therapist. Originally Bart Wintjes followed the Anglo Dutch Program given by Ted Kaptchuk for acupuncturists and herbalists. After first studied further into the orthomolecular nutrition, he has mastered in different Japanese acupuncture styles as Toyohari and Manaka teached by Steven Birch, Junko Ida and Toyo Hari’s Advanced program. He studied frequently with Japanese Masters such as Yanagista Sensei and Takai Sensei. Eventually he integrated and applied all his learned matter into practice.
As well as Felix de Haas, Bart Wintjes started since 2011 with studying with Charles Chace and later with Dan Bensky. Since 2014 he is a teaching assistant and teacher at the Engaging Vitality approach. Bart Wintjes has a practice in Friesland. Besides his practice, he is very active in pass along the Engaging Vitality approach.
Rayén Antón started her path into Chinese Medicine in 2002 and then graduated as TCM practitioner in the Fundación Europea de Medicina Tradicional China in Barcelona. Later she continued studying various types of Japanese acupuncture with Stephen Birch learning Manaka style, Meridian Therapy and Shonishin, and graduated in 2007 as Toyohari practitioner with the European Branch of Toyohari Association. In 2011 started her path with Engaging Vitality studying with Charles Chace and Dan Bensky, and she fully integrated the Engaging Vitality approach into her practice ever since. She now runs the Engaging Vitality Spanish study groups and also teaches the introductory module in Spain. Currently she is teaching Engaging Vitality basic modules and intermediate classes at different locations in Europe.
She has been working as well with Prof. Manuel Rodríguez in Barcelona for his TCM, Manaka, Meridian Therapy and Pediatric trainings since 2005, and was part of his clinic team since 2003 and since 2010 she added running her private acupuncture practice in Barcelona.