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30 AUG
2019 & ...

Chi Nei Tsang I, verdieping

vr 30 augustus 2019 en za 31 augustus 2019
Gebouw Tussenschakel, Parklaan 3 t/m 13, 5261 LR Vught
10:00-17:00 uur
Karin Sörvik
€ 245,00
FAGT, NVST, NWP, VBAG, VNT, Zhong (Cat. 1)
4 dagen CNT basis


Chi Nei Tsang I - verdieping

Voor wie is deze bijscholing

Voor eenieder die zijn Chi Nei Tsang technieken wil verdiepen en als basis al 4 dagen Chi Nei Tsang 1 heeft afgerond.

Opzet van de bijscholing

Tijdens deze tweedaagse met toegepaste Shiatsutechnieken reist Karin dieper in de intelligentie van Chi Nei Tsang en werkt met de alchemie van het wiel van de vijf elementen. Zij tekent de kosmologie van de vijf cycli, de Pakua, I Ching uit op de buik en brengt deze kennis vervolgens tot leven door praktisch, hands on, therapeutisch werk in de buik. De behandeling bestaat uit 3 rondes waarbij de telkens dieper worden behandeld, de prioriteit zich ontvouwt en oplost in het wiel van de vijf elementen kan draaien en zichzelf kan harmoniëren. We integreren in deze 3 rondes de drie lichamen: fysiek, emotioneel, energetisch.

‘Around the rim of the navel, we have the connection to the 8 Directions. They can be seen (or felt) as knots and tangles that we work on to release any trapped or knotted place, so that there is a connection and an activation. As we work, we press on the Cardinal cross centers, and we activate what are called the “Collection Points” of the 5 Elements — we activate these centers. This means that we give an imprint and a memory of what that place is for the body. In doing this, we’re talking to the body, and teaching at the same time. In the Healing Tao, this becomes the Fusion of the Five Elements. We are becoming alchemists. We start working with the Elements, activating and moving whatever is dormant or whatever is in excess so that the system becomes balanced, even and flowing.’
Vanuit de vijf elementen kennis word je bewust van je houding en de inzet van je handen.
“ be able to use your hand/arm/body resonating with that element and it’s frequency to open up the flow in the body where there is a stagnation/knot/elemental… For example if we use the edge of the hand we’re using the Metal element (cutting like the blade of a knife). As we stand we become that element — our whole physicality fully becomes that element as we work. If we use our tendons, and push, extending our fingers outwards, we’re using Wood element, and we’re activating and using it. ”.

De Docent

Karin Sörvik
Is a Taoist Minister and Senior instructor and Senior Chi Nei Tsang with the Healing Tao System. Her first career was in dance, theatre and music, earning her degree in acting from the Escuela Nacional de Arte Dramatico. Most of all she loved the magic/spiritual space that's created during a performance. To further her search she began to look into Eastern methods. She studied Tai chi and I Chuan with Master Tung Kuo Tzao in Argentina and became a Taoist Minister with D.A.R.I. She also won several Tai Chi Chuan competitions in South America. She moved to the US in 2001 to serve the Taoist community and to further her practice. She studied with several Taoist Masters: Ron Diana, B.P. Chang, Dr. Sthephen Chang and Mantak Chia.
Karin Sörvik is currently the Director of the Healing Tao Center, Tao Healing and founder of the non profit The Healing Tao Society. She is a practitioner and counselor in Taoist Healing Practices. Practices include: Tao Yin (Taoist Yoga), Nutrition, Herbology, Meditation, Tai Chi, I Chuan, Chi Nei Tsang and Chi Kung Therapy. She has been teaching for the last 15 years in Europe, Latin America and the US.